Clay Hamilton
Clay is digital strategist, project manager, managing editor, and new media producer. His approach requires a variety of skills: developing and communicating strategic project, communication, development, and content plans throughout an organization; managing editorial oversight across publication channels; establishing and promoting processes that support brand consistency; and producing written and visual content that makes an impact. In other words, he plans, manages, and gets his feet wet.

Passion. Creativity. Broad Interests. Strategic Vision.

Four things you should know about Clay:
  • He is passionate about presenting content in innovative and engaging ways that inspire individual exploration.
  • He brings a powerful set of skills and experience built over 20 years as a communication professional.
  • He knows from experience how to effectively bridge communication gaps and establish a community between a variety of disciplines, skill levels, and cultural differences.
  • He is immersed in the world of content strategy, design, and content production, constantly evaluating new approaches or technologies, gaining insight, and finding fresh inspiration.
A native of Liberty, Missouri, Clay has been living in the West since 1991 and in the Bay Area since 1999. He enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including river rafting, backpacking, bicycling, and running. His interests range from literature, design, graphic arts, typography, and photography to science education, energy issues, and environmental policy.
Clay has more than 20 years of experience as a communication and design professional. His background includes managing a design and development team producing web sites, interactive courseware products, and print materials; designing and producing interactive museum exhibits; designing multimedia curricula materials; acting as managing editor for both digital and print publications; and developing strategies for a wide variety of communication projects.
Clay holds a Bachelor's Degree in English from William Jewell College (Liberty MO), has studied graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute, and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in History and Philosophy of Science at Stanford University.



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