The Would-Be Gentleman: Experiencing Louis XIV's France  

This Lifelong Learning course was produced for AllLearn, the Alliance between Stanford, Oxford, and Yale. Clay worked closely with Professor Carolyn Lougee-Chappell to integrate her computer simulation of life during the reign of Louis XIV and her compelling lectures into course materials and a CD-ROM.

Building on the original source code for the computer simulation, Clay oversaw production of an updated version of the simulation. He modeled 3D characters to create the world of french aristocrat Denis Marin. He also helped create an onscreen advising system that guides users through life in the late 17th century court of the Sun King. The program is partially randomized so the same decisions never have the same consequences. Quicktime videos embedded in a Flash interface enhance the lecture portion of the CD-ROM. Period paintings and drawings were incorporated for additional context. Clay oversaw production of the course, created all designs, layed out the print materials, videotaped the lectures, and worked on the Flash movies.